Thursday, June 30, 2011

What to pack

Things to pack when going on a two/three week getaway or to your relatives to stay for a while:
1. Duffle bag or a travel bag - a colorful one will always do so it will be easier to point out.
2. Three pair of jeans
3. Five t-shirts, one long sleeve.
4. One sleep shirt/boxers or shorts - and of course underwear.
5. A small bag of toiletries - the one that you would take on a plane - it's easier to carry.
6. Flip flops - plastic ones that you take to the beach so you can dispose of them after your trip.
7. A pair of Ballet shoes (flats) - small cute an portable.
8. A pair of sneakers if you are going to stand on your feet all day.
9. A small notebook to write whatever.
10. A cell phone in case of good and bad whatevers.
11. A camera - light enough to carry and easy to use.
12. A map of where you are - if you're not staying with relatives.
13. Two good books to keep you fundimental and occupied.

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