Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My opinions of where I been - take it or leave it

Bridgeport, CT - Broken down houses, empty factories, and a pretty ugly, pretentious shitty city.
Boston, MA - New York's rival on high rent, racist bastards, and grimy climate. Beautiful city - somewhat. It depends on where you go but hey the racist, snooty, up tight locals are really, really nice.
Washington, DC - Highly conservative, the homeless/bums come out around 8pm, and H Street is a great place for white/ European tourist attraction if you like the ghetto or high crime. I can't believe the White House is that small.
Philadelphia, PA - I've been there only for a day, and when I was eleven for a 6 grade field trip, so I can only say one thing. Nice place but I wouldn't want to live there.
Miami, FL - A beautiful shithole. Blue waters infested with sharks, white sandy if almost dirty beaches, the wicked night life and shady people. Plus also known for cocaine, Narcs, and Miami Ink. YEAH.
New York City - Can I sing it's praises? NO. But it's a wonderful city that keeps you busy. What more can I say? It's a shitty city of sorts but it has it's perks as well.
Montreal Canada - It's French. The surroundings reminds me a lot of Brooklyn - French version.

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