Monday, March 18, 2013

It's Brittney Bitch. And Justin Too

When I was walking around Castro, this is what I found when I was in one of the Sex Stores. I couldn't help but sneak a snapshot. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Free Tibet

This afternoon I was chasing another protest.

Raiding the streets of San Fran

Yesterday night was crazy.
Let's go out tomorrow, at 6pm after the sun sets, and MARCH against the sites that concentrate the oppression of women. Let's call BULLSHIT on the porn stores and strip clubs at Broadway and Columbus, that profit every single day on the the saturation of society by that bullshit lie about what a women's life, mind, and body is "worth." Let's call BULLSHIT on Saints Peter & Paul Church, and the Vatican itself, that claims a moral high ground while at the same time it is selling the same lie as the porn industry, calculating the value of a fetus above the value of a woman, and slapping a stigma on any woman who would choose NOT to be subservient, or NOT to be a mother. Women are HUMAN BEINGS, not some product, some slave, some commodity, whose worth needs to be calculated and dictated by these bullshit institutions. 

Not My words - but it happened and it was wild.

                    Hagglers were shouting and yelling "Whatevers" out thier windows.

                                       Inside an acctual porn store.

                                       Not the Manager or owner of the club. Yet he defends it.
               These bodyguards were blocking my shots of the strippers running inside the club.
                                 Disturbing people in the middle of thier dinner. Love it.

                                  The strippers that we were speaking for were taking thier own pictures.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Naked Protesting

Even Nudist have to rant.


      This woman can do it all...literally on a ball. It's amazing what I find in Height and Ashbury.

Protest in San Francisco

A couple months back there was a major protest march that the Pro Lifers were giving. So the Pro Choicers protest them back, and like always, I took crazy pictures. I'm on the Pro Choice team.