Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Jersey

I find it amazing that you can get away from the craziness of New York City and all the idiotcies it sometimes offer for only for a 1.75. New Jersey - a place to get away or to go to the Jersey Shore to see if you can find a Snookie. Cookie.

As for Connecticut - 10.75 one way - off peak - gimme a break.

Fashionable Books - Be trendy - READ

Where else but in New York City can reading be the "it" thing? Depends on what you are reading. This year it was The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and other 2 Stieg Larsson books. That's all I know because I have those books and I totally felt with the 'in' crowd whenever I was reading the book on the train. Last year - Twilight and the year before that. Then it was the Harry Potter books and whatever. If you're not reading the latest books traditionally then you're reading it on your Nook - the electronic book that you can find in Barnes and Nobles. If you're not reading on the train or simply anywhere that the public can see how truely smart you are - then you're just not with it.

As for electronic books - Nooks. Hey, whatever is in style. Since I don't have all the money in the world to buy a Nook - I'll just settle for the plain old book. Because it's the "in" thing, and it goes with the asserories in your messenger bag.

Link to Megabus


Make sure to have your credit card for cheap travels.


Next month I'm going to Philadelphia simply for a day. Why not. I mean there are ways of getting away from The City on the cheap. Seriously. I found that going to Philly on the Mega Bus is only 5 bucks - round trip that and that's only 10.50 (50 cent tax added.). Yeah - that really blows my mind. Hell that's even cheaper then going to Bridgeport, CT on peak time which can add up to 15.00. So with 24 lousey bucks on my card, I'm going to Philly.

On the Mega Bus - Going to Washington, DC is only a BUCK! plus 50 cent tax. Roundtrip that and it's 2.50. Trippy. This year I am definately going to take advantage of this whole Mega bus thing.

The Williamsburg Mall

Okay - here is what I got

Of all the places that I enjoy being in in Brooklyn is Williamsburg - where all the hipsters love to play. What can I say?
I'm a hipster myself, of course. I enjoy the artist sence in the bedford - Metropolitain Street area where there are indie bands
playing in the underground, galleries, and lots and lots of bars. Although I  love Williamsburg, there is one particular place that
you'll always find me in and that's the Williamsburg Mall that's on Bedford Street. I love the Williamsburg Mall and have been hanging around there since 2006. The Williamsburg Mall isn't your typical, average, everyday tourist proned mall. There is NO; Gap or stupid commercial clothing stores with idiot models smiling in the windows or water fountians. There is No mall cop, food court or  anything else that makes the everyday mall annoying. Nope. The Williamsburg Mall is a small independent mall that with a couple of small independent
stores, a internet/computer lounge-print shop, a book store with weird and interesting books on the cheap, and a coffee shop that goes by - Verb Cafe. This mall is where hipsters, geeks or whoever can be themselves and read a book with out any hubbub.

The Williamsburg Mall is my type of mall and place to be. It's where I can have cheap coffee at the Verb Cafe, read a book or go on the
net for a lousey buck all in one place.