Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Next month I'm going to Philadelphia simply for a day. Why not. I mean there are ways of getting away from The City on the cheap. Seriously. I found that going to Philly on the Mega Bus is only 5 bucks - round trip that and that's only 10.50 (50 cent tax added.). Yeah - that really blows my mind. Hell that's even cheaper then going to Bridgeport, CT on peak time which can add up to 15.00. So with 24 lousey bucks on my card, I'm going to Philly.

On the Mega Bus - Going to Washington, DC is only a BUCK! plus 50 cent tax. Roundtrip that and it's 2.50. Trippy. This year I am definately going to take advantage of this whole Mega bus thing.

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