Friday, November 9, 2012


Downtown Montreal is a beautiful city, and weird at the same time. All the shop signs are in French and there's a different way of pronouncing Pharmacy. All the stop signs says Arret instead of the big white familiar letters that I'm used to, and the sales lady is bound to say Bon Jour, instead of "Hi". The murals and the wild graffitti are wicked cool. There are artists in Downtown Montreal...just have to figure out whats said in French. By the way, their accents are cool. 

Downtown Montreal

More Pics


                                              Breakfast in Dorval, Quebec 

More and more Quebec Canada

My Room

    These are pictures of the room that I am staying in. It may be small but the bed is PERFECT.

                                                More and more Canada Shots!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More of the Rocky Show

I had a lot of fun that Holloween night. Nothing but pure  madness and chaos. I loved it.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Me in my Holloween costume

This is me in my Holloween costume. My friends and I had dressed up for the Rocky Horror Picture Show that was taking place at the Roxboro in downtown Montreal. I just put any thing that I can find at the dollar store together. My friend Lana went as a Sexy Beatlejuice and her boyfriend as Jason. 

Cars, Kids and my back Tattoo

I wish I could upload more from my camera phone but the thing went dead after the second day of being in Dorval. At the same time of the car show, there was a bunch of kids painting on empty windows in Downtown Bridgeport. So I had to get shots. 

                                            Oysters, and clams. I took this in New York.
                                                     I had a bunch of foreign coins. So....

                                                 This is something totally different
                                                       Dumb shot of me - side view

                                                Kids, Cars and My back tattoo