Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DC Pages

DC is the place where the hipsters go. Well it is - go to AdamsMorgan and you'll be in the main part of the art district where you'll find a book store where you can get lost in, resturaunts, bars, and cafes a really cool tattoo parlor, and a punk rock store. Although Washington, DC is home to not only the national monuments, cherry blossoms, and the Smithsonian Museums, but also to the classic DC Punk rock seen. How wicked is that? My six months in DC has been fun and a trip and I recommed coming to this city for the summer and the spring to anybody in NYC or beyond.
So what have I been doing in DC?
Let's start with a tator tot eating contest. I didn't win but I got a free T-shirt.
Visiting the free museums.
Walking and getting myself lost in Georgetown and around downtown WA.
Going to the Pentagon Mall - nice.
Screaming in the Caribbean Parade (I missed it but I was in time for the aftermath calamity.)
Visiting Virginina and Maryland on the cheap by bus or train.
Going to Virginia for a free cupcake.
Visiting Silver Springs Maryland for a book.
Talking to tourist - nah.
Tripping out at Foggy Bottom.
Drawing on the sidewalk at Dupont Circle (it's like the Union Square of DC) or going to the book store there. Down the way is AdamsMorgan.
Buying 1 dollar stuff on H street.
Visit the GOP (US Government Printing Office) tiny gallery on print making and distribution.
And chilling out at the Botanical Garden.

Until I upload some pics - enjoy the website. http://www.dcpages.com/
 It tells and shows you more about WADC.

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