Sunday, November 6, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - The series continues

As an aspiring photojournalist I should have more pictures on my blog on Occupy Wall Street and the way it created itself it's own Tarp City out of the park. Eventually I will have more pics but so far not right now because I am saving up for a better camera. Don't get me wrong I love my Diana and the pictures that it takes and I can't get enough of my camera phone but I need a better one. Something more in the now. I haven't stopped taking pictures, I'm just on hold until I get a better camera and a mini laptop so I can write more than I would at the library or the Apple store. I have a job but it's a 7 dollar an hour shit job that I can't take for granted because Black Friday is coming and I will need whatever money I make for better materials. Sacrifice. It's the key, until then I continue to write.

  Anyway I continue to visit Zucotti Park to see what's going on down there. Since my arrest I have talked to interesting people, listen to what these people at Occupy Wall Street  are fighting the Fat Cats about since the 1960's, and watch so many changes take place at that park. I have not only seen celebrities, but talked to reporters (off the record), photographers and the protesters. Take yesterday when I was at one of the meetings that OWS usually give in the middle of the park. Usually I listen to the General Assembly or the Soap Box, however since the 700 hundred people arrest on the Brooklyn Bridge, the meetings, people and the whole protest situation at the park has taken a mind of it's own. The funny thing about OWS is it's leaderless. Yup. NO LEADERS. Total Anarchy, but in a civilized way. I mean let one brick get tossed into a store somewhere on Wall Street and it's complete chaos. However this is a peaceful protest and a movement of peace so no throwing bricks, bottles or baseballs (unless the protesters are playing a game of catch.) only words. Anyway, getting back to my observation at one of the meetings, I said what I had to say at the meeting while listen to the protesters idea on what the whole point and idea that OWS can do for the awful situations that the banks put civilians through because of greed and recklessness. Before I knew it  Russell Simmons sat right next to me at the meeting. Yeah, it was a bad time to be starstruck but I couldn't help it. When I shrieked Mr. Simmon's name, it was a knee jerk reaction. Shit like that don't happen everyday you know. Getting back to the meeting, Mr. Simmons (a Phat Farm corporation himself. ) put in his two cents on what the protesters should do and what is wrong with the economy today from his rich side point of view. The man sat with people who aren't even on his level or class but yet has the nerve to come out of his luxurious life to talk to the grungy, everyday protesters in Zucotti Park and I respect that.

This is what trips me out. The whole Occupy Wall Street situation brings all kinds together from the rich and the poor, young and old, black and aqua marine, and whatever imaginable to go against the biggest thieves of them all - Fat Cat Banks, and blood sucking corporations that does nothing for the 99% of people who are in a shitty state. Occupy Wall Street is BIG and it's making it's statement.

But how did all this get started? An Underground Canadian paper called Adbusters. Yup. The Canadians gave us the idea and New York ran it through thanks to a couple of college kids and meddling informers.

The date to remember - Sept 17 - day one of Occupy Wall Street. Now it's Nov 7, more than 50 days of drummers, signs, chants and grungy,college bound hippie kids reliving the 1960's only 10 fold.

You gotta stand up for something or fall for anything.  Peace.

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