Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 60 - Nov 14

Occupy Wall Street Occupied my cell phone. Nothing but pic from Zuccotti park that I'm going to eventually upload from my phone. Oh well.



Thats right, Bloomburg took down the tarps and tents leaving Zuccotti park fresh, and clean. Here's MY update. Sunday night I visited the park when the tents were up and protesters were doing thier thing - which is a huge whatever. I do what I usually do that night, hang out at the library, talk to people and take in the movement by listening on the General Assembly. Monday was a typical Monday. Go to work, then go home. That Monday night I didn't go to the park because I was dead tired. Tuesday morning I see on the news how the police and sanataion department took over Zuccotti Park 1 in the morning by Mayor Bloomburg orders. Over 200 people were arrest that very early moring and more when protesters tried to tie themeselves to trees and resist arrest. More protesters were arrest over Foley Park (another take over by OWS mement.). I got to the park around 2 pm yesterday when the police had barricades around the park.

I have pics I'll upload tomorrow. Until then hold your horses

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