Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ode City - Philadelphia

Hello Philadelphia!! It's been years since I came to this city and I'm glad to make another visit. Everything changed since I was 11 and a whole lot has been going on. I have pic. First I stopped at the Independence Mall - where the place showed free movies of the American Revolutionaries and the signing of the Constitution. All that is great and fun to watch a free movie but I don't feel to watch bad acting.

Wow is it clean out here.'s the main part of the city so of course it's going to be clean. It's a tourist attraction. As for the horse and buggies, horses are strange looking out there. Seriously.

I saw the Libery Bell - again. It's still the same. The Libery Bell Museum is free and there are flat screens that explain the history of the bell, old time memorbelia and trinketts of the bell and other discriptions. The Liberty Bell - A focus of celebration and protest. Or so I heard off the flat screen.

In front of the Liberty Bell Museum there is an outside exibit that shows where the VERY first white house had been built and incased in glass where Slaves were held, right in the middle of Philly.

I have some, okay, few pic of Philadelphia because my camera ran out but later in the months I'm going back to Philly to take tons of pics and then some.

For 12 bucks on the Mega Bus it's worth it for a day trip to Philly.

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