Thursday, September 27, 2012

Oyster Fest - 2012

                                                    Saturday at the Oyster Fest

Around 1:30 pm I took the commuter train into South Norwalk to go to the annual Oyster Fest, held every second week of September every year. Admit tingly growing up in Connecticut I had never been to the Oyster Festival because I would either put it off or I was out of state until that Saturday afternoon. I put aside some money from whatever was on my very last pay check from my tempt job to go and have a little fun. While at the Fest I passed the carnival rides( because I didn't want to go a ride that would make me hurl) checked out some of the tents along the area giving out free stuff from pens (I don't need or want one since I have pens ), insurance/medicare and music radios stations. Really lame, but free swag that I really didn't need or care for. Instead I headed straight forward to the Lumberjack area, where real lumberjacks were putting on a cool show of chopping wood, balancing on logs in a inflatable yet giant pool of water, and a cute puppy dog who was happily log rolling as it's owners. Then there is the Pirate area where Captain Jack Sparrow is speaking to a little five year old boy shadowed with his mother about being a pirate, a couple of pirates duking it out with plastic swords on the side of the stage, pirate sing- a -long where kids can sing- a- long with the pirates on stage while their parents took a break. I didn't anticipate to miss the oyster shucking because I was enjoying the pirate show, and I didn't really have a clue on where it was in the park, so I chowed on fried clams and Mountain Dew. While aimlessly walking around the festival; I watched a man artistically fix a sand sculpture that's was located in the side of the park, bumped into people wearing hats much crazier than mine, and try free samples of different flavors of home made cream cheese and weird tasting dipping sauces. There was a tire changing contest, lots of lemonade stands, and lots of thrift stores selling stuff. The more the day had went on the more the weather had became worse making entire park had to shut down production early, and having the crowds of people sent on their way home. Bad weather always fucks up a good day. Oh well.

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