Thursday, May 17, 2012

175 St Station

In a couple of weeks I'm going to go to San Francisco and I really don't care about not paying my ticket off but I'm pretty pissed off at what's happened to me and why I think NYPD Cops are complete hypocrites. There this tunnel – the 175 tunnel, station, A line, or whatever you want to call it, runs up Washington Hieghts. The A train stops at 175 Street, which takes me directly to my street since my place is a couple blocks down on 174 Street. Across the street is a park where guys like to shoot basketball, walk down 175 Street and you'll pass a Spanish restaurant, where along the way is a bodega that I go to (because it's so close to the train.) to get a quick something to eat. Then I cross the street where the intersection to the bridge is at and hurry my way down the block to get home. I really don't care what happens around this area since all I do is get off on this main stop on the 175 Street,when all I do is go to the store and home. The two years that I have been living in New York, I've seen the strangest things that take place at this particular stop. And what irks me is that the police have ABSOLUTELY no clue on what goes on. I might not be on the platform 24/7 to say that there are robberies, murders, or whatever dangerous that goes on at the 175 Street station, but what I do know is that the NYPD cops are getting a bad rep for being such ass holes and in truth- that rep stays true. They are assholes. Why I say this? Over the time period I've go in to this tunnel to catch the A I've seen; A drunk girl fall on the tracks at 4 in the morning,luckily the trains were running slow and there were two guys that helped this drunk bastard up from the tracks before the train got to her.One time after getting off the A, there was a fist fight between two men that was broken up by some transit workers that was working the tunnels that night, which led to one of the men calling his cronies from the outside to attack the other guy with a large 2x4. At one point in time when I was getting off the elevator I witness these same fighters, beating each other in the middle of the tracks as the transit workers once again broke up the fight luckily without anyone getting electrocuted. What happened after that, I have no clue. The cops were too late to find anyone at the scene, but from all I know the police were not there early enough to stop the fight. Then there is the pathetic old, dreadlock nutcase who constantly has a filthy blanket draped over his shoulders and drags bags of whatever – masturbating in the middle of the tunnel. If that's not disturbing enough I know friends that have seen this crazy idiot jerk himself off and the cops does nothing about it. “Isn't that illegal” I asked my friends. “You mean to tell me that this guy has been jerking himself off at the station for a certain amount of time and the cops does nothing about it?” “Yeah.” One of my friends answered. “Would you blame the cops? Who would want to touch that guy? I wouldn't. Not even to arrest him.” “But that's not the point.” I told my friend. “That's public indecency and this nut case is getting away with it and the police is doing nothing about it. How strange.” Then again a month later I don't see Mr. Jerk off on the platform whenever I get off the train. Maybe the cops did do something about him. At the 175 Station there's this green and black box that the cops hide into so the place look like it's empty when it's not. There are holes that people don't really take notice of whenever it's time to run for the train. The box remains obsolete. I'm not angry and I been walking through that stupid gate many times whenever I didn't have the money to swipe in. I admit I do what I have to do to get to whatever destination that I have to go to, even if that means walking through the gate. And who hasn't go inside the tunnels by “Jumping the turnstile”. One morning( I think it was a Friday) when I didn't have the money to get to my job, out pops the cops from the green and black box, to give me a dumb 100 dollar ticket for going through the gate. “You don't know what goes on here, do you. There are people that goes through that gate and other things that happen here at this station and now you show up to ticket me?” “There has been a lot of robberies, Miss.” Says the Dominican cop. “We're just here to keep everything safe.” “Yeah right.” I told myself in the back of my head. “Hypocrites.” After receiving the ticket I went on way to catch the next train feeling that I have been done wrong. Okay sure I did wrong but whenever I peep into that black and green box whenever I can before and after my train arrive I know how much we all are liars. Last night while getting off the train the “Pop a Cops” wasn't in their fox box. Anything could have gone wrong and no law enforcement was there to jump out of that stupid box. Yeah, and I get a ticket. Bastards.

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