Sunday, February 26, 2012

National Underwear Day 2012

Everything is all in good and fun. Nothing but shits and giggles until the pervs come out with cameras. 

This year was my VERY first time riding the subway in my underwear. Tighty whiteys with color spots - Hanes brand, thank you very much. Anyway I told my cousin that I wouldn't put my pictures on Facebook and I won't. But I didn't say my travel blog. Anyway the day started with more than god knows (in the hundreds or thousands ) meeting at Foley Square Park. Taking the R train from down town to Columbus Circle and down to Union Square. It was all in good in fun. No I didn't take off my on the train because I was so fucking nervous. So I took it off on the 35th stop on the platform when the place was crowded with other people in their undies. Next year I have the galls to take off my pants on the train. The experience was liberating. I'd do this all over again in a heartbeat and the next time I won't be so afraid.

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