Thursday, September 29, 2011



  Sunday moring I went to the near by bodega on 175, a block away from the A train to buy my usual toasted bagel with cream cheese and a vanilla Coke, give the clerk a quick hello, and then leave to take the train and/ or public bus . It's the one of the bodegas that I usually go to whenever I leave my place to get to the train or M5 bus to get downtown. My wrist were still sore and somewhat red from the very tight, hand numbing,  plastic hand cuffs that the police had  trapped me in Saturday afternoon simply for taking pictures at a protest rally that I wasn't even involed in. I didn't threaten, pull a weapon, or do anything illegal other than try to capture a moment on my camera phone since my Mini Diana was full, however the sheer excitement of the calmity involved in the rally, I couldn't help taking pictures and enjoying the show. That's when I heard one of officers behind me demand me to put my hands behind my back, making a forceful arrest, when I did nothing and wasn't part of the rally. How did all this happened to me?

    Saturday morning at Barnes and Nobles reading up on stupid celebrity gossip, and other magazines and books  that I enjoy reading like I normally do. I didn't know anything about a protest, march or anything of the sort. When I walked out of the book store on 17th street, I saw a line of police cars on the street near the park. My Mini Diana had some film in the camera, so I started taking pictures of the blue and white police cars blasting scirens and screaming at drivers, and directing traffic. I followed the row of police cars to Union Square where there was a rally going on in the middle of the park. Protesters, hippies, college kids, and other loonies carrying signs, chanting god- only- knows- what, distrupting the neighborhood and creating some excitement for me. Thats when I started to take more pictures until I was out of film. The rally had moved up the street, then broke up when the police started to move the rally onto the sidewalks and maybe off the streets. Shouting, banging drums, chants, peace signs, badly written signs, all in all a rouge parade of hippies, loonies and mayhem, what could make my day better and interesting. When my film was done that's when I reached for my camera phone out of my blue bookbag and kept up with the chaos that had moved down to 12th street by continuing to take pictures until an officer demanded me to put my hands behind my back. I freaked out. I tried moving away from the officer to put my camera phone away in my jeans pocket, but instead the police officer grabbed both my arms, a I tried pulling away and two other officers put me in "forced arrest" until the plastic cuffs were on my wrist. Be that it may - I was NOT resisting arrest - I was freaking the fuck out.
   Therefore I was against the wall, put in a paddy wagon (police van) and head off to jail for more than 9 hours. As soon as I was released I got a court date paper set on November stuffed in my jean pocket and a story to tell. I'm still living, out of jail, and still going on with my week. Keep in mind I am NOT part of this protest, but I was pushed into something.

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